Art & Design Technology

Art at Lichfield Cathedral School aims to develop both core skills in areas such as drawing, painting, printing, photography and sculpture, whilst engaging pupils to think about personal expression through developing a sophisticated visual language.

Exposure to art is essential if we are to provide a rounded education for our pupils, which is why art plays a vibrant part in School life. Our aim is to extend students’ opportunities and experiences and help them to find ways of expressing themselves creatively. Involvement in art not only adds to pupils’ enjoyment of School, but can help them develop both personal skills and a cultural appreciation that will enrich their adult lives.

The unique environments of both Longdon and Lichfield create places where pupils react creatively to the world around them. We encourage individuals to find areas of the subject that interest them and to work with confidence and ambition, through a wide range of exciting projects, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and trips.

Design and technology is a broad and intellectually demanding subject which has real application and relevance, not only in our everyday lives, but also in many areas of further education. Design and technology provides the pupils with a wide range of opportunities and experiences which allow them to be creative and to transform their ideas into useful, high quality products.

Pupils develop a range of practical, technical, creative and ICT skills. They combine these skills with subject-specific theory knowledge and apply them to a design process in order to arrive at a high-quality outcome. They learn how to think and how to communicate as a designer, they are able to apply professional standard 3D CAD software in their objectives and they have access to high-technology manufacturing facilities. The Department follows a resistant materials' curriculum, which means that pupils are working largely in three main material areas: wood, metals and plastics.

Art is embedded in the curriculum from Pre-School to Year 9.
In Year 10 students can study GCSE Art and Design (OCR), GCSE Product Design (AQA) and GCSE Photography (OCR).
Sixth Form students can study A Level Art and Design (OCR) and A Level Product Design (AQA).

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