Business Studies & Economics

Everybody encounters the world of business and economics in their daily routines. The state of the UK, European and global economies influences all of us in different ways. Our employment, incomes and standard of living is dependent on the strength of the economy. The effectiveness of business and government in providing all the goods and services we need has a direct bearing on our spending, employment and quality of life. How firms produce their output and market it influences how we spend our money. Understanding how Government and business function is fundamental to being an effective citizen. As educators, our goal is to give our students the knowledge and understanding that enables them to construct their own well informed opinions.

Economics and the world of business are inextricably linked. Businesses produce the goods and services which help to satisfy all out wants. Business Studies is literally the study of business: how they are formed; what are their objectives; how they are financed and so on. While Economics tends to focus on the role of Government in managing the economy and improving the environment in which business operates.

To succeed in this subject, it is important that a student has:

  • A lively and enquiring mind
  • An excellent work ethic and a desire to succeed
  • An interest in business and economic affairs
  • A desire to explore new ideas and communicate them effectively
  • Competent literacy and numeracy skills
  • An ability to write clearly and succinctly

From Year 10 pupils can study GCSE Business Studies (Edexcel).
Sixth Form students can choose A Level Business Studies (AQA) and A Level Economics (AQA).

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