A Level Chemistry is a valuable subject for students preparing for a range of higher education courses and future careers, as well as being essential for those entering the scientific, engineering, geological, medical and pharmaceutical professions. Due to the logical thought required to study chemistry, many chemists go into accountancy and patent law.

Course Content

Chemistry is essentially an experimental subject and so the A Level course is firmly based on practical work which is closely integrated with theory. The place of chemistry in modern society is emphasised and the technological applications of chemistry are considered throughout the course. We aim to cultivate the ability to reason clearly; to discuss and to communicate ideas, facts and principles; and to solve problems. A Level Chemistry provides a rigorous treatment of chemistry that will stimulate and challenge a wide range of students. It lays the foundations for future studies, yet provides a satisfying course for those who will take their study of chemistry no further.

  • Development of practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry: Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations; acid-base and redox reactions; electrons, bonding and structure.
  • Periodic table and energy: The periodic table and periodicity; Group 2 and the halogens; qualitative analysis; enthalpy changes; reaction rates and equilibrium
  • Core organic chemistry: Basic concepts; hydrocarbons; alcohols and haloalkanes; organic synthesis; analytical techniques
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements: Infrared spectroscopy; mass spectrometry; energy, reaction rates and equilibria.
  • Organic chemistry and analysis: Aromatic compounds; carboxylic acids and esters; organic nitrogen compounds; polymerisation; synthetic organic chemistry.

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