Singing has formed a key part of Christian worship for 1,400 years. Today’s choral services represent a unique tradition upheld by Britain’s historic cathedrals – a glorious heritage of church music that is one of the nation’s greatest cultural treasures. Daily services at a cathedral, including Evensong and Eucharist services, have been at the heart of a chorister’s work since the 16th century, and some choirs sing at least six services a week. Many will be part of a host of other special performances.

“Being a chorister is more than just having the opportunity to be involved with music-making at the highest level. It is also about appreciating history, architecture, poetry, prose and learning to support each other as part of a close-knit team… Choristers have confidence with few nerves and they are disciplined and good leaders. They are usually organised, motivated, aware of things of quality and keen to succeed. I strongly believe that choristership will help young people be marked out as high fliers in their chosen profession in later life.”
Roger Overend, Chairman of the Choir Schools’ Association.

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Lichfield Cathedral School by Numbers

1953 Year Bishop Reeve vacated the Palace
19 Children attending Toddler Rhyme Time
20 Twenty is Plenty outside our school
1020 Pounds raised for the Boy Chorister tour fund