Computer Science


This A Level is excellent preparation for those students who wish to study a Computer Science related qualification at university. It is also highly applicable to a wide range of Higher Education courses and careers, particularly those requiring problem solving, design and research skills. 

Course Content

Computing Principles

  • Operating systems and introduction to programming
  • Data types, structures and algorithms; exchanging data and web technologies
  • Using Boolean algebra and legal and ethical issues

Algorithms and Problem Solving

  • Elements of computational thinking and programming techniques
  • Software development methodologies; algorithms and standard algorithms

Computer Systems

  • Software and its development and types of programming languages
  • Data types, representation and structures and exchanging data and web technologies
  • Following algorithms; using Boolean algebra and legal, moral and ethical issues.

Algorithms and Programming

  • Elements of computational thinking; programming and problem solving
  • Pattern recognition, abstraction and decomposition
  • Algorithm design and efficiency; standard algorithms

Algorithms and Programming

  • Select own user-driven problem of appropriate size/complexity
  • Definition, investigation and analysis; design; Software development, testing and installation; evaluation

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