English Linguistics


The A Level is a broad course that allows candidates to analyse and write in a wide range of styles. The course explores how language is used and charts the history of how language and its usage have developed over time.  Students will also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through a variety of written tasks.

This course offers students the opportunity to develop their subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of texts and discourses. Students will create texts and reflect critically on their own processes of production, while analysing the texts produced by others. The English language is explored both as a medium of communication and as a topic in its own right, with the emphasis placed on students pursuing their own lines of enquiry, debating different views and working independently to research aspects of language in use. Language is seen as a creative tool for expression and social connection, as well as for individual cognition.

Topics include

  • language, the individual and society
  • how language is shaped to audience, purpose, genre, mode and context
  • textual variations and representations
  • methods of language analysis
  • children's language development
  • language diversity and change
  • writing skills
  • language in action


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