English is a core subject for all kinds of reasons, but principally because it is the key to communicating clearly and with conviction, as well as opening wide the imagination. More practically, English also teaches the twin skills of close analysis and creativity, which are increasingly demanded in today’s work place.

Our aim is to make the study of English as enjoyable and dynamic as possible. Studying English can instil an abiding love of the spoken and written word and give untold pleasure.

We live in a golden age of unrivalled access to wonderful literature, which technological advances are accelerating. To study, and enjoy studying English, is to unlock this treasure chest.

Within each academic year and with every group taught, the Department aims to:

  • foster and encourage enthusiasm and passion in the study of English language and literature;
  • enable students to speak with confidence and communicate clearly in a wide variety of circumstances and situations, with particular emphasis placed on the ability to speak coherently in a formal environment;
  • enable students to write, both formally and informally, using the proper grammatical structures of standard English;
  • improve levels of spelling and punctuation, through accurate and detailed marking, whilst exploring as broad a range of vocabulary as possible, promoting a cross-curricular approach to marking of spelling and development of literacy with other departments;
  • foster the ability to read accurately and fluently, both analytically and for enjoyment, and to respond in different ways to a wide variety of texts;
  • develop awareness of cultural and historical influences within the study of literature; and,
  • develop independent reading, research and studying skills, working closely with the School’s Library and ICT Department.

Literacy and English is embedded in the curriculum throughout the School.
At GCSE, all students take English Language (WJEC) and English Literature (WJEC).
In the Sixth Form, students can choose to study English Language (AQA) and English Literature (AQA).

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