Exploring the Science Garden at Thinktank

09 Mar

Just before half term, Year 2 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham, and it was totally brilliant!  The children learned lots of amazing things and had great fun exploring the Science Garden there. We visited the Planetarium and learned all about the planets and how to find out which direction we are facing, by locating the North Star.

At school, the children have been looking at electricity in Science and whilst they were there, they managed to read all about solar panels and they realised that they could generate their own power through their own physical exertion.

It was a fabulous trip, and Colin from the Planetarium commented on how well behaved all the children from Lichfield Cathedral School were during the visit.

Well done Year 2!

Lichfield Cathedral School by Numbers

19 Number of Founder pupils
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100 GCSE pass rate %
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