Geography is indispensable to the understanding of the modern world. It is an exacting, challenging, but also enjoyable discipline. Geography explores the relationship between earth and its peoples through the study of ‘place, space and the environment’. Good geographers are constantly enquiring: 'who?', 'what?', 'where?', 'how?' and 'why?'. Getting out and about is the best way to understand geography and the Department runs trips abroad as well as smaller local trips during the year.

The aim of the Geography Department is to develop a curiosity for the planet through the teaching of a wide range of topics, many of which will be revisited at greater depth in later years. Emphasis is on developing the independent learner.  Use of ICT complements the work here.

The study of Geography is embedded in the curriculum from Pre-School to Year 9.
At GCSE the AQA specification A syllabus is currently taught. The OCR syllabus is taught at A Level.

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