*to be confirmed - Please note that the specifications for Geography are in draft form only. The final version of each course has yet to be published and therefore no decision has yet been made on the exam board.

Geography is a well-established and highly regarded A Level accepted by all higher education establishments. It is a recognised academic qualification which can lead to a wide range of career opportunities across a number of different professions and organisations. This is due to the wide range of skills they have developed in the study of the subject through hands-on learning activities such as fieldwork, laboratory work and team-based projects.

Working in the natural environment provides opportunities and constraints on project work that are different, unexpected and more challenging than those found in classroom-based activities.  The skills and qualities developed through studying Geography are highly transferable, such as the abilities to think through issues, analyse situations and problems and come up with creative solutions while working with others in sometimes difficult, tight timeframes and in unfamiliar environments.

Course Content

The content will enable students to be inspired by their geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students should grow as independent thinkers and as informed and engaged citizens, who understand the role and importance of geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to understanding the world’s changing peoples, places and environments.

The 4 key themes are as follows (exact content will depend on the specification chosen):

  1. The water and carbon cycle.
  2. Landscape systems: dry lands, coasts and glaciated landscapes.
  3. Global systems and global governance to include:
  4. Changing Place; changing places to include:
    Fieldwork will play a significant part in all studies.

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