Studying history equips you with knowledge, understanding and skills which will prove invaluable in later life. It develops your understanding of the contemporary world and the forces which have shaped the society in which we live. Students choose History because they possess a genuine interest in the past and the desire to analyse it in great detail. We hope that you will enjoy the cut and thrust of historical debate, challenging accepted views and developing a real expertise in your specialist subject. You will also develop a wide variety of transferable skills such as the use of initiative and the ability to assess a number of options before making a balanced decision.

History is a respected academic discipline which is highly regarded by all higher education establishments.  Its emphasis on analytical thinking, the use of evidence in the construction of hypotheses and the critical interpretation of this evidence provide a variety of transferable skills that will be extremely useful irrespective of your chosen career path.

A Level History is a recommended qualification for a wide range of graduate occupations and will help to provide the intellectual foundation for virtually any professional career.  Among the most popular careers chosen by historians are law, accountancy, banking, journalism, the heritage industry, the armed forces, academia and teaching.

Course Content

  • Unit 1 involves the study of a non-British topic.  We look at life in Spain from 1469-1598 with the establishment of a new monarchy, the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, social, religious and economic changes and then the progression into the ‘Golden age of Spain’.
  • Unit 2 will be a study of a British topic.  We examine political, social, foreign and economic change in the second half of the 20th Century including key contemporary topics such as political parties, voting systems, British culture, terrorism, racism, workers’ strikes and the crises in the Middle East.
  • For the third unit, students have the exciting opportunity to research and write an extended coursework essay on the topic of the Tudors.

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