Learning a foreign language is the gateway not only to understanding other cultures, other thoughts and other people, but also to understanding our own. While we ask our pupils to be confident communicators in their chosen languages, the study of language reaches beyond the skills of speaking and writing: we urge pupils to grasp the mechanics of language to give them a better sense of nuance, register and precision and the ability to pick up new languages in the future.

Starting in the early Junior years, pupils study French. In Year 5 they begin Latin and in Year 7 can choose to continue with Latin or alternatively choose between Spanish and German. Many pupils are new to Spanish and German and they enjoy exploring new words, expressions and sounds and improving at a fast pace. All pupils then opt for at least one language at GCSE level and many move on to study one or often two languages at A level.

Pupils enjoy dynamic, memorable lessons in the classroom and can opt to take part in language exchanges and international trips.

All foreign languages studied at GCSE and A Level follow the AQA syllabus.

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