"Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young."


Music is given an exceptionally high profile at all levels of the school and opportunities abound for boys and girls to develop their performing talents.  Specialist music teachers work alongside class teachers to deliver an inspirational and challenging music curriculum.

We aim to introduce pupils to as wide a variety of musical experiences as possible, to help them to achieve their maximum musical potential and learn to thoroughly enjoy their music-making.  Junior classes are introduced to singing, listening, musical instruments and aural work.  The basic elements of music are studied and developed from Pre-School (e.g. recognising and matching a beat, playing in time, developing rhythmic precision) through to Year 6 (e.g. composing melodic ostinati using Sibelius, improvisation using The Blues as inspiration).

Pupils have regular extra musical work with their class teacher.  Each year group stages some sort of musical event - a play or a concert - during the year and they have plenty of large group singing activities during assemblies.

Individual music lessons of 20 minutes are available from Reception onwards.


Would your child like to be a chorister?

Boy choristers are usually in Year 3 or 4 when they join the Cathedral Choir.  Girl choristers start a little later, usually at the beginning of Year 6.

Being a chorister is hard work, but the quality of this musical education is exceptional and the choristers are often among our highest achieving pupils from an academic point of view, due to their training and ability to apply themselves.  See our section on Choristers to find out more, including the substantial choral scholarships that contribute towards school fees.

Lichfield Cathedral School by Numbers

1553 Year Lichfield was given city status
1020 Pounds raised for the Boy Chorister tour fund
19 Music ensembles
8 Pews in the Chapel