Philosophy & Ethics


This subject is very highly rated by universities as it teaches students to critically evaluate complex material in both verbal and written forms. It is particularly useful for those hoping to study medicine or law and it is also valued by the police service and the armed forces as well as retail organisations where a deep understanding of the customer base is crucial. 

Philosophy and Ethics is a subject that by its nature requires candidates to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues. 

This course will help students to:

  • Study relationships between religion and culture;
  • Consider moral values and attitudes of individuals, faith communities or contemporary society;
  • Develop skill in reasoning on matters concerning values, attitudes and actions;
  • Develop the ability to make responsible judgements on significant moral teaching and issues.

Course Content

The Study of Religion:

  • God/gods/ultimate reality; Life after death; Source of wisdom and authority; Key moral principles of Christianity; Religious identity; The challenge from science; Religion and sexual identity; Religion and religious pluralism.

Philosophy of Religion:

  • Arguments for the existence of God; Religious experience; Religious language; Miracles; Self and life after death; The nature and function of religion.

Ethics and Religion:

  • Three ethical theories; Issues of human life and death; Issues of animal life and death; Meta-ethics; Freewill and moral responsibility; Conscience; Bentham and Kant.

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