Psychology seeks to understand how people think, feel and behave. It is essentially about people and why they behave as they do. Psychologists investigate the causes of behaviour employing scientific techniques. As a result, psychologists have learned much that can help people to fulfil their potential as human beings, and increase understanding in all aspects of life.

Psychology is a fascinating and stimulating subject and students need to be prepared to work hard, make a contribution and above all, come with an open mind; human behaviour is complex. It is unlike any subject you will have studied before yet it is relevant to everything you do.

Psychology requires a blend of creative and logical thinking and is suitable for students with a keen interest in evaluating psychological material in an objective and analytical manner. Confident use of English language, science and mathematics is required due to the amount of written work (exams are essay-based), biological content and statistics used.

Sixth Form students can choose to study A Level Psychology (AQA)

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